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A decentralized Community for:

Become a Tamer of the beast and ...

A_ dvisors
B_ uilders
C_ reators
D_ isruptors

...shape the Future of web3 Business Models

At ABCD Community we're on a MISSION to shape the future of digital, AI and web3 business & business models. We bring together a curated community of business model visionaries, innovators & game-changers to learn, collaborate & create the next big thing with AI & Web3.

How to participate?

Ready to join the ABCD Community?

It is the first of its kind phygital holder only community. You need to get a token via the book "TOKENIZED" or our exclusive merch "A beast called D" which comes allong with an integrated NFT.

The community is decentralized on Discord & Telegram - and it´s Tokengated

Where to participate?


Why you should be a part!

  • Connect with like-minded individuals through topic-specific networking

  • Gain access to excusive content and resources tailored to your interests.

  • Accelerate your learning journey through collective wisdom & shared experiences.

  • Explore exciting career opportunities & partnerships in the web3 ecosystem.

  • Attend exclusive in-person events & workshops to expand your horizons.

  • Earn consulting certifications to showcase your expertise & credibility.

  • Get your hands on branded merch featuring cutting-edge NFT technology.

No clue what to do?

Get in contact or book a Zoom-Session 4free